5 Fighting Game Tips For Beginners

Screenshot (14)Photo capture: Michael Henderson; Game: The King of Fighters XIV

So, you watched the Evolution World Finals and now you want to learn a fighting game.

Fighting games are notorious for having steep learning curves. Add the fact that it is primarily a one-on-one game, it can be frustrating holding a loss.

We all have to start somewhere, and this is the place to start. These five fighting game tips can help you become a better player, and can also be used across multiple games within the genre.

1. Find your character

Yes, some characters are visually appealing and have interesting backgrounds. But, just because a character looks cool, doesn’t mean it’s the character for you. Characters all have their own archetypes. Do you like to stay back and annoy your opponent? Then you might want to try a “zoning” character. What about rush down in your face characters? Then a “setplay” character would be up your alley.

There’s a lot of characters to choose from, find a character that suits your play style.

2. Training Mode

Training Mode is your best friend. You’re not only just allowed to learn how to play characters, but also how to defend against them. People are misinformed that the only time to visit training mode is to practice combos. While practicing combos is crucial, training mode is capable of so much more. Setups, counters, and timing can all be found in training mode.

Here you are allowed to replicate moves that give you problems using the CPU recording feature.

3. Reach out to the community

Everyone that plays these game share a common interest, they love fighting games! Don’t be shy to ask for help, get involved!

Discord, Facebook, PSN, and more are just examples of mediums to contact fellow companions.

4. Online

If you’re unable to travel to events for practice, online will always be there waiting for you. One of the most convenient component, online allows you to play anyone, anywhere.

Whether it’s ranked or player match, experience is needed to beat better players.

5. Patience

You’re not going to wake up one day and be the best, you have to work for it. As long as you enjoy the game, getting better will come quicker than you know it.

There’s also no need to rush. Fighting games are only getting bigger and bigger, be sure to go at your own pace.

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